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Why work with a Therapist?

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Working with a therapist like Mallory Beckwith is beneficial

Talk therapy is an incredible tool to help you process experiences. Having a therapist who you can trust, rely on, and who is a not directly involved in your life can give you perspective on what you are going through and also help you process your emotions. When you work with a therapist to better understand your thoughts and feelings, you will develop a better relationship with yourself and learn how to have more compassion for yourself and those around you. When you are the main character of your own life, sometimes it can be hard to see things from other angles. Your mom, dad, friend, or sibling may also be very involved so it may be hard for them to give you perspective. A therapist can help you see situations from an outside view, giving you a clearer understanding on what is happening in your life.

Therapists are also trained in treating mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, addiction, bipolar disorder or PTSD. So if you are struggling with mental health in any of these area, it is important to reach out for help before it progresses. Seeing a therapist is also a way to practice building healthy relationships and clear communication skills. You should feel like you are in the safe space when working with a therapist and you should feel comfortable communicating your feelings with your therapist. You want to make sure you and your therapist work well together, and that the relationship is a right fit. Finding a therapist can sometimes feel like dating. You might want to work with a few before dedicating yourself to the one who is a right fit.

Every therapist uses different techniques and modalities in session. I personally primarily use mindfulness in sessions to help my clients stay present in the moment, and also to help them increase their awareness so they can learn how to speak and act from a place of intention. Some other modalities I incorporate are solution focused therapy, which is a technique used to help clients stay focused in the solution instead of ruminating on negativity. Although it is important to address and process problems in life, it is also essential to think about solutions. I also use CBT which is a modality that helps clients become more aware of their thinking patterns and learn now to reframe negative thoughts. CBT also help clients learn about cognitive distortions such as "black and white thinking" and how to correct these distortions. Lastly I use person centered therapy which keeps the focus on the client and what they need out of the sessions. Therapy is for the client, not the therapist and I believe it is important to let clients discuss whatever is on their mind. If I sound like a therapist you would like to work with, please contact me using the form below.

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