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Living with Bipolar Disorder?

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Do you think you might be bipolar?

Have you been diagnosed and are trying out medications?

Have you stabilized and need additional support?

I am here to help you on this mental health journey of living with bipolar disorder regardless of what stage of recovery you are in!

Rainbow. Bipolar disorder can make it hard to see the light in life. Like a rainbow after a storm.

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness that can cause extreme mood swings into hypomania, mania or depression. Managing these moods is extremely difficult and often times things get out of control before you even get diagnosed. If you begin therapy with me, I can support you as you piece your life back together after experiencing the destruction that comes with mania, hypomania, and depression.

Once you get diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the journey to find the right medication to treat the disorder begins. This can also be very difficult and takes time. A psychiatrist will prescribe various combinations of medications and I can help you track how each medication is affecting you to see if the med is helping you stabilize.

I will be a very valuable resource for you as you try out various medications. If you are working with a doctor to stabilize, as your therapist I will help you keep track of how your moods are either improving or getting worse from week to week. I will teach you coping strategies to help you manage the mania and depression as you work to get on the right combination of medications and inch towards stability. Many medications cause side effects, and I can be there to support you if these side effects get severe or make your mood swings even worse.

Maybe you have already been diagnosed, found the right medication, and are stable, but you need additional support to help maintain your stability? I will be there to help you get healthy patterns and routines set in place. I will support you to manage your moods to help prevent them slipping into extreme hypomania, mania or depression all over again. You should be proud of yourself for reaching stability, but going to therapy and medication management is a big part of maintaining that stability.

Contact me using the form below to discuss your bipolar treatment further, regardless of what stage you are in!

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