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Struggling with narcissistic abuse?
Or are you a highly sensitive person?
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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate supervised by Angel M. Hoodye, M.S., LPC-S, CART. I offer in person sessions for individuals living in Austin, Texas, and online therapy sessions for individuals living anywhere in the state of Texas. I graduated with a master's degree in counseling from St. Edward's University in Austin in 2021.


I work with adults who need help recovering from narcissistic abuse:

  • Enduring narcissistic abuse

  • High conflict relationship

  • Trouble setting boundaries

  • Codependency 

  • Unhealed wounds from childhood

  • Wanting to break free of a trauma bond

I also work with highly sensitive persons seeking therapy.

  • Needing help understanding your sensitivity

  • Have a deep seated belief that something is "wrong" with you

  • Navigating your relationships, career, and life as a highly sensitive person

  • Wanting emotional support from an empathetic supportive counselor who is also highly sensitive.

 I would be honored to help you on your healing journey and walk with you as you process the emotions, events, and life experiences you are going through.


I teach mindfulness skills in my practice which helps manage anxiety, depression, and fear. I use Internal Family Systems therapy to help my clients get to know their internal parts and heal deep trauma wounds. I have experience with a variety of other therapies as well that will help you discover who you are and improve your overall wellbeing.


My Specialties

Get professional help as you navigate the high conflict relationship with the narcissist in your life. Learn ways to protect yourself and maintain boundaries. Get support as you work towards gaining freedom. Heal subconscious wounds and codependent tendencies that keep you attracting narcissist in your life. Gain confidence and independence. 

Mindfulness, when regularly practiced, is scientifically proven to help

individuals recover from anxiety and depression. Learn these valuable tools and techniques. Practice mindfulness during sessions to develop your awareness and experience the peace of the present moment.

Get professional help from a counselor who is also highly sensitive. Learn how to navigate your life, relationships, and career as a highly sensitive person. Eliminate negative core beliefs that society has projected onto you as a highly sensitive person. Appreciate your sensitivity and love yourself. 

Internal Family Systems

Discover who you are to the very core by getting to know the parts that make up who you are. Turn inward with Mallory's guidance to heal parts of yourself that have been traumatized. Develop a relationship with the wisest version of who you are.

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