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Gifts of Recovering From Bipolar Disorder

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Some of you may be asking - how could I get a gift from something so tragic to deal with and face and as serious as this mental illness- Bipolar Disorder? Experiencing the intense mood swings, getting diagnosed, and trying out different medications can be a nightmare! Sometimes it can take years to stabilize and some people sadly do not make it through to the other side. That is the reality of bipolar disorder. But if you shift your perspective, you may find that going through this struggle, and if you are able to make it through, you actually receive a gift in the process.

Recovering from bipolar disorder
Recovering from bipolar disorder

1. Once you have faced bipolar disorder, any challenge after that will probably seem less difficult. If you have been able to recover from this serious mental illness, you will be much more resilient for whatever life throws at you next. Feeling so low you are considering ending it all, or staying up for days at a time running a million miles per minute are both extreme moods and states of mind. Not many people experience this even through out their entire life time. If you have been able to make it through this- you are a warrior and a champion. 2. When you have suffered deeply from this mental illness, you may have a better understanding of what others go through when they suffer with their own life situation. Recovering from bipolar disorder increases your empathy for other people's sufferings. Compassion and empathy for others is a gift. You can use this gift to help yourself heal and also be there for others who are also going through extremely difficult times. 3. Not all people who recover from mental illness take medication, but for those who do recover using psychiatric medication will have a very big appreciation for modern medicine. It was not too long ago individuals with bipolar disorder were getting lobotomies. Even if you do have to be on a medication for the rest of your life, and chances are you might have to especially if you have Bipolar 1. But the alternative is much worse. Modern medicine is a blessing. 4. When you have to navigate the very complicated and tricky mental health system to get treatment, and learn coping skills to recover from this very serious mood disorder - you will be able to use these real life skills to help you in other areas of your life. Getting in to see a good therapist or doctor takes persistence and dedication. As does many other things in life. Use this skill to your advantage to succeed in your family life, health, and even your business. There are blessings in all situations, even ones as tragic as being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. If you need help along the way managing symptoms, working through suicidal thoughts, or encouragement to forge the road to recover, contact me today! I can help!

My name is Mallory Beckwith and I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 back in 2018. After years of working on my mental health I have stabilized and gone to school to get my masters in counseling to help treat others like you who are struggling with bipolar disorder. I use holistic healing methods to help my clients recover and have experience teaming up with doctors to help with my client’s medication management. Reach out today using the contact form below!

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